Oneida Long House Village

August 2015 – Conservation spreads the final gravel to build up the flooring.


May 2015 – The Oneida Business Committee approves for Tourism to purchase artificial bark.  The bark will allow the long house to be water tight.

artificial bark

March 2015 – Home Depot delivers outside lumber after the shell is up.

November 2014 – Oneida Conservation crew installs the outside structural posts

longhouse 049

October 2014 – Special thank you to Joe Miller & Stockbridge Munsee Nation for allowing Oneida to come and cut the remaining wood needed to construct the long house.  Conservation Department and a few Oneida High School students cut and hauled the wood…with Joe Miller & Michelle Danforth

Conservation at Stockbridge CutOneida High School at Stockbridge cut


October 2014 – It has been a trying summer trying to order 16′ cedar posts for the outside walls of the long house.  This wood is a happy site!


20141016_083942_resized  20141016_081714_resized

August 2013 – Barrons Construction will assist with the installation of the center posts.  They had to bring a special drill because we were required to drill 8′ down to cement in the posts.

IMAG1119 IMAG1123

IMAG1129 IMAG1120

IMAG1132 IMAG1139

IMAG1137 IMAG1148

IMAG1142 IMAG1143


July 2013 – Environmental Resource board needs to approve a building form.

May 2012 – Telephone poles arrive from Minnesota.  They will be our center structural beams.

IMAG0088  IMAG0091

August 2012 – We finally have our official plans!



January 11, 2012 – Oneida Business Committee supports purchasing logs and structural plan.

December 2011 – receive the bids to do the structural engineered plan.

September 8, 2011 – Request a CIP – unfunded.

July 2011 – Tribal Historic Preservation Officer contracts with an archaeologist to test the ground.

September 2010 – Skenadot, Ontario Provincial park shares their plans with our tribe.

Longhouse plans-1 Longhouse plans-2

Skenandot 3 Pics

August 2010 – Travel to Ganadagon, Rochester NY & Fort Stanwix to visit their long house village.

Ganadagan Inside 2 DSC_0048

February 2010 – Wrote 1 page concept paper on building a life size long house.